Best Pellet Smokers 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Pellet smokers became extremely popular in recent years. Parties and hangouts appear incomplete without the most effective pellet smoker. Thanks to the convenience and ease they provide once change of state for a reasonably sizable amount of individuals. However, is there a way to realize which among the variety of pellet smokers is the most effective one? Don’t worry just keep reading this text with our elaborated reviews and find out the best by yourself.

Americans are glorious for his or her romance with curtilage barbecue parties, that is why seventy-fifth of adults within the U.S. own smoker or grill. However, are you owning the most effective on the market within the market? Worry no a lot of as a result of we’ve listed all the most effective pellet smokers within the market to form selecting easier. Even though electrical smokers and charcoal smokers are smarter choices, however, the flexibility pellet smokers provide is sort of unmatched.

We know that deciding that pellet smoker to shop for are often overwhelming as there’s an extended list of things to contemplate and there are a lot of brands within the market. this is often why we’ve created a useful buyer’s guide which can tell you what you ought to be trying to find once obtaining a pellet smoker. We’ve conjointly categorized the reviews decisive that pellet smoker is best for various things.

Don’t have time to travel into details and wish a fast fix? Guess what? we have an answer for that too! We’ve more a comparison table at the top that summarizes the reviews and provides you an inspiration concerning affordability. However, browsing the buyers’ guide can assist you with an excellent deal in determining what you’re trying to find.

ImageProduct NamePrice
Camp Chef Woodwind Classic 24 Pellet Grill with Sear Box

Cooking Area : 570 square inches

Product Weight: 35 pound

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Green mountain grills davy Crockett pellet grill

Cooking Area : 219 square inches

Product Weight : 77.7 pound

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Camp Chef Smokepro DLX Pellet Grill

Cooking Area : 573 square inch

Product Weight : 140 lbs

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Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Cooking Area : 646 square inches

Product Weight : 125 pound

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Traeger Grills TFS60LZC Select Elite Pellet Grill and Smoker

Cooking Area : 589 square inches

Product Weight : 170 lbs

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Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Patio Cover

Cooking Area : 513 square inches

Product Weight : 437 lbs

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Cookshack PG500 Fast Eddy's Pellet Grill

Cooking Area : 784 square inches

Product Weight : 330 lbs

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Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog

Cooking Area : 1700 square inches

Product Weight : 437 pounds

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Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

Cooking Area : 700 square inches

Product Weight : 118 lbs

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REC TEC Grills Bull RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill

Cooking Area : 700 square inches

Product Weight : 200 pound

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 1. Camp Chef Woodwind Classic 24 Pellet Grill with Sear Box

This Pellet Grill is battery-controlled with the new great smoke innovation that licenses programmed temperature the board and keeps you from looking over the barbecue to remain an eye fixed on your cut of meat. Stress no extra concerning consumed nourishment because of the robotized heat the board makes the correct amount of smoke while not requiring plentiful consideration. Arranging an excellent Barbecue at your place? The breeze instrument Pellet barbecue is all you wish to prepare all the nourishment for your visitors! Not just nourishment, notwithstanding, a wide range of sustenance will be done exclusively on one barbecue. The temperature will be balanced from one hundred sixty F to 500 F. Your meat will be done however you wish it, be it heated, grilled, flame-broiled or smoked! The cherry on high is that the monstrous space of around 570 sq. inches that grant you to cook a tremendous amount of sustenance at once.

Well, therefore square measure your friends, neighbors, and relations. With the wood hearth pellet grill, mediocre broil is a factor of the past. place the tasteless chicken and burnt cut behind you, and become the grill master you were born to be. With digital temperature management, the wood will all work for you. All you’ve got to try and do is flip it on, set the temperature, and let it work whereas you play. which suggests no additional care. The wood does not simply build broil easier it additionally makes it additional delicious. The wood is burning by premium hardwood pellets to get heat and smoke, infusing your food with a savory wood hearth style that’ll build your style buds sing. you’ll be able to win excellent results, whether or not you are broil, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, barbecuing, or maybe searing. And once you are finished change of state, cleanup could be a breeze with our proprietary Ash Cleanout system. Discover the heavenly style of a wood hearth pellet grill with the wood. Purchase currently to start your journey to grill mastery.

Camp cook created a good wind video that’s amusing and informative, notably for those that area unit wondering connotation the pellet smoker revolution. The video is fun, flashy and factual – you actually will smoke, bake and grill something on wind effortlessly. If you have already got a grill capable of high temporary worker searing,

The soaped-up Rotech vogue, notched dial controller not solely provides regulator, set it and forget it cookery, however conjointly contains a dual-LED readout that toggles between your set cookery worker and internal meat worker monitored by a stainless-steel meat probe enclosed with the unit. Additionally, to notched worker settings of 175F to 400F degrees, the controller has “Shutdown”, “Feed”, “High”, “Lo Smoke”, and “Hi Smoke” choices. Our worker mature tests indicated Lo Smoke temp is regarding one hundred seventy-five and Hi Smoke regarding 210. Therefore what is the huge distinction between one hundred seventy-five and lo smoke, and 225 and hi smoke? Camp cook says there are slight variations within the settings, largely within the auger temporal order. within a pair of smoke settings, the auger permits pellets to smolder overborne.

The temperature was even from left to right with actual temps staying getting ready to set temps. Cranked all the thanks to high DLX ran regarding 480° F. The enclosed meat probe may be a nice convenience you will get at home with at once. Once smoking began, we have a tendency to simply set the controller show to the meat probe and determined progress through the room window.


  • Large cooking space.
  • Food can be cooked do you like.
  • Low price.


  • Additional equipment is used.

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2. Green mountain grills davy Crockett pellet grill

Green Mountain Grills, AN enthusiast smoker whole out of CA, designed its mountain man Grill and Smoker primarily for habitation and tailgating. we tend to test the “ultimate tailgate grill,” as it’s been dubbed, to ascertain if it had been sufficiently little to suit in most cars however massive enough to cook for a bunch. Not solely did we tend to place the moveable grill with Wi-Fi capabilities to figure prepping post-hike parking zone meals on our tailgate, however, we tend to conjointly smoke-cured meats reception on our deck within the Rocky Mountains.

Green Mountain has managed to suit a 12″ x 18″ preparation surface into a comparatively compact 60-pound package. They smartly get around the would like for a wall plug by packaging the grill with adapters that allow you to power it from the igniter in your automotive. otherwise, you may forever plug it into a generator. Temperature across the cookery surface is uneven. though the firepot is found at the middle of the smokebox, temps on the left aspect area unit above the correct, making 2 slightly completely different heat zones. we tend to quickly tailored to the present, and it clothed to not be an enormous drawback. For example: with fish fillets – thick aspect on the left, skinny tail on the correct. For chicken items – breasts on the left, thighs on the correct then on. At low slow BBQ temps, we tend to turn ribs and butts around sporadically. Results were smart, however, even heat would be a plain improvement. Since we tend tested DC, inexperienced Mountain claims they need to be created some tweaks to handle this issue.

The mountain man generates heat and smoke although wood pellets that square measure placed during a hopper and so affected into the furnace. A no different supply of fuel is critical, and therefore the steam keeps food damp whereas the smoke flavors it.

The inexperienced Mountain Grills backwoodsman pellet smokers comes largely assembled other than some elements that additional or less simply have to be compelled to be placed within. The directions gloss over quite a few of the steps, however, good judgment got America through the build with success. Once assembled, we tend to use the electronic controller on the pellet hopper to travel through associate degree initial setup method involving feeding pellets into the auger and firebox—and that’s where things get a touch strange.

The smoker went through a preparation count that measured easy on paper however raised our eyebrows merely for a way long it took. once 5 minutes, we tend to think we tend to get a lemon as we tend to stare at the one range readout. However, our patience was shortly rewarded with the grill firing up usually.

Thankfully, the method began to get clearer as we tend to affect on to putting in place the Wi-Fi-connected app. whereas that setup method is as opaque because the initial firing, we tend to found the app interface a lot friendlier than the on-grill readout.


  • Wi-Fi Enables: This pellets smoker comes to Wi-Fi enables. I know which will seem to be a superficial novelty enclosed solely to get up the worth; however, it serves a fairly logical.As any tough outside grill can tell you, it’s imperative that you simply pay constant attention to the temperature of your grill. Taking your eyes off the measuring device for over many seconds may end in your burgers, hot dogs, and steaks being burned to a crisp. This, of course, implies that the person responsible the grill seldom gets to partake in any barbecue festivities. As way as I will tell, there’s not another pellet griller even near to inexperienced Mountain’s worth vary that’s WiFi-enabled. Through the downloadable app you may get a slip and low fuel notifications, be ready to manage an internal change of state temperatures, monitor meat temps and switch the cooking utensil on and off. you’ll be able to even save the change of state profiles from your high recipes. ever again miss the massive play from the sport on TV. Better yet, go relax by the pool whereas your food is the change of state. This reveals a new dimension to multitasking whereas cookery.
  • Meat Probe: Getting an associate correct plan of the interior temperature of meat because it cooks may be a challenge for even the foremost consummate outside griller. whereas there area unit lots of meat probes obtainable from your native hardware stores, they’re usually inaccurate and costly. The folks at inexperienced Mountain Grills had the foresight to suit the pool with a durable and reliable meat probe that simply connects to your digital controller to grant you timely and precise measurements of your food’s internal temperature. you’ll be able to feel secure in knowing that you simply can ne’er serve dried out, overcooked meat once more. Convenience Tray: Convenience trays undoubtedly constitute the category of “basic, yet useful extras,” but the number of grills on the market that don’t embody one would surprise you. Even variety of the expensive grills don’t provide you with the luxurious of a convenience receptacle, a consequence of the design team being therefore compact at intervals the inclusion of innovative choices that they neglect basic desires.


  • It is portable.
  • Multiple power options are available. 
  • This smoker makes the latest technologies.
  • This brand can offer customer support and services.
  • Open flame technology solves all searing problems.


  • This smoker has a small size.

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3. Camp Chef Smokepro DLX Pellet Grill

The Camp cook SmokePro DLX sports several options that different budget-priced pellet smokers. You’ve in all probability detected that there square measure loads of pellet grills out there of late, and speculative what sets one aside from another. During this case, it’s the options that are designed around the home-griller for a classic Yankee curtilage BBQ on the terrace. Easy, simple controls mix with a display, integral meat probe, and Camp Chef’s exclusive Ash-Cleanout System good for beginners or ancient grillers wanting to kick up their game. camp cook could be a Utah-based company that has created out of doors and encampment kitchen utensil for thirty years, beginning with encampment stoves and adding forged iron pans and a lot of recently pellet smokers to their offerings. we tend to come into being to check if these options might set this Camp cook pellet grill apart within the class, cookery everything from dry rub chicken drumsticks to gently salmon to low ’n’ slow classic pork shoulder over many weeks.

Camp cook is turning into one amongst the leading choices once it involves pellet grills and smokers thanks to their massive vary of terribly high-quality grills at terribly cheap costs. They’ve already got a considerable variety of different products, together with one amongst the simplest mid-range dish ovens on the market nowadays. And it’s this quality that has crystal rectifier to Camp Chef’s smoker vary to receive such smart reviews.

So, nowadays we’ll take you through our review of the Camp cook SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill, our favorite from Camp Chef’s vary that created it onto our list of the simplest Pellet Smokers out there nowadays. We’ll bear everything that we have a tendency to love regarding it and allow you to grasp what you would like to remember if you’re thinking of shopping for one.

The general build quality of the most smoking body and legs is extremely smart. It’s made up of high-quality metals with a pleasant paint end. These smokers are tested to last for years and that’s not stunning once you cross-check the final quality of the build. the sole issue concerning the build quality that isn’t good is however it reacts to adverse climate. once the wind is powerful or there’s significant rain it will struggle to achieve the upper temperatures, however, an easy hedge or cowl will type that drawback out.


  • Easy of use: The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX is easy of use. The temperature of this smoker 160 to 500 degree F. and it is quickly heated within a minute. 
  • Easy to ​Clean: The proprietary ash improvement mechanism or the Ash Cleanout System, as it’s additionally legendary, takes care of everything. It works like this: there’s a little sheet of metal placed beneath the fireplace pit. It sits on a spring that enables it to slip out of the approach and unleash the ash that’s gathered upon it. The ash slips into a metal cup, and you have to throw it away. It’s implausibly simple to scrub and it’s a feature wanted by most users.


  • This grill is easy to use.
  • Very well constructed and easy to assemble.
  • Low price available.


  • Smoke area not big.
  • It is difficult to remove excess pellets.

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4. Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Traeger is the pioneer manufacturer of pellet smokers. In 1984 Joe Traeger’s gas grill caught hearth whereas he was preparation burning all the chicken he was preparation. once this incident he determined to manufacture the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill with constant wood pellet technology his family has been exploitation for his or her furnaces and stoves.

Traeger has been a respectable whole for providing you with the simplest pellet grills and smokers within the market. where you go, plenty of individuals can guarantee to take a position out with this whole for the standard as renowned. however, nevertheless, Traeger contains a ton of models and it’s still quite tough to decide on given a special set of options and specifications into it. that’s why during this product review we’ll assist you to prefer addressing this perplexity. Here square measure 5 of the top-rated Traeger smoker reviews offered within the market.

Traeger unreal the first wood-fired grill over thirty years past in Mt. Angel, Oregon, and continues to steer the business because of the worlds #1 marketing wood-fired grill, formed by decades of mastering the craft of wood-fired change of state. oxyacetylene by 100 percent pure hardwood pellets and controlled with a digital controller, suggests that from low and slow to hot and quick preparation, you will kindle deliciously consistent results every single time.

The 54″ TX Elite Wood Pellet Grill an enormous punch with 646 sq. in. of preparation space, new wider legs for extra stability, associate degreed an upgraded Digital Elite Controller. It combines powerful, wood-fired convection performance with straightforward operation. thus invite the neighbors and style the wood-fired distinction.

Weighing ninety-eight pounds, this versatile wood pellet grill may well be used into multiple applications as well as a grill, smoke, bake, roast, and barbecue. It’s well-built heavily made from steel pulverized with a bronze end for Associate in Nursing aesthetic and nice trying look. It incorporates a non-stick ceramic ware grill grates that have a 418 sq. in space, may work out a spread of foods from chicken, burgers, hot dogs and even preserved ribs as required. Measuring regarding forty 2 x 22x 49 inches, this griller includes a triangular smoke exhaust, four long legs with 2 hooked up wheels on 2 of the legs and a sturdy cowl to be accustomed to stop smoke from escaping over.

For controls, the device includes a digital elite controller that’s simply set with a rotating dial Associate in Nursing an intuitive light-emitting diode show into it. Notwithstanding, you may use and manage it from a hundred and eighty to 450-degree Fahrenheit temperature with a 20-degree interval into it. The interface additionally includes an easy flip and press the power button to parcel out on/off of the device as required.

Key Features:

  • Temperature Regulation and Control: At the facet interface beside the hopper, you’ll be ready to find the controls to be used throughout the operation. It’s Associate in the nursing adjustable rotating knob to line out at temperatures from one hundred eighty to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from that, it’s a red LED show to indicate what specific temperature it’s. Also, it includes a smoke perform and a termination cycle for versatile functions.
  • Large Grilling Area: You’ll have the option to barbecue, smoke, or cook a great deal of nourishment into this gadget. It has a major barbecuing territory around 418 square inches obliging 16 burgers, 4 entire chickens, 24 wieners, and 4 racks of smoked ribs into one single mesh. All things considered, the flame broil meshes are non-stick and effectively perfect as required.
  • Well-Engineered Construction: Worked with incredible steel development, this gadget is intended to guarantee that things will be cooked or flame broiled instinctively. Its intensely bronze completed with an advantageous container, a flame broil, an enlistment fan, and fumes with a spread on it for simple utilization of the gadget.


  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Flexibility to various applications.
  • This smoker comes internal induction fans that help to cook more food.


  • It is not easy to transport everywhere.

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5. Traeger Grills TFS60LZC Select Elite Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Traeger TFS60LCZ choose Elite is AN all-in-one out of doors cookware that enables you to smoke meats and grill delicious meals, all while not ever having to use charcoal or fuel once more, as a result of you’ll be victimization hardwood pellets for that natural wood-smoked flavor.

This is truly six-in-one cookware that you simply will use for broil, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and roasting.

No matter what you’re within the mood for, you’re planning to be ready to build it on this cookware.

The choose Elite is one amongst the newest in a long line of grills and smokers from Traeger, a reputation that has been trustworthy within the broil business for thirty years. Not solely is it very useful, it’s conjointly enticing, with its bronze color creating it extremely stand out from alternative grills.

These products do quite simply smoke. Several do a superb job with ancient cooking too. Most of Traeger’s product build nice grills likewise as smokers. And if you would like the highest wood pellet grill, look no any than the Traeger Grills choose Elite. This grill uses Traeger’s straightforward to use controls, giving users fast access to a variety of cooking temperatures. Associate 18-pound capability pellet hopper provides lots of area for wood pellets and lots of hours of smoking.

The choose Elite has over five hundred sq. inches of change of state area and maybe simply affected around on the caster wheels it sits on. This grill additionally incorporates a storage cupboard to a lower place the grill, providing some additional cupboard space. Porcelain grates extremely spherical out this premium grill by giving users a non-stick surface that’s straightforward to wash and maintain.

Grilling is maybe my favorite thanks to cooking food: and that I cook loads. whereas there are distinctive flavors inherent to any quite a preparation (boiling, baking, sautéing, frying, etc.), there’s one thing this special burn style that may create even the best food delicious.

But to urge that style, you would like sensible instrumentation. You can’t properly bake in a very subpar kitchen appliance, and likewise, you can’t properly grill in a very subpar grill, thus nowadays we’re progressing to mention what makes an honest grill, and a few of the most effective choices offered from Traeger that match those criteria.

By the tip of this, we’ll have an excellent suite of choices that ought to serve your purpose and fall inside your budget. with none more delay,

Features of Traeger Grills TFS60LZC:

  • Hardwood Pellets: Instead of mistreatment gas, that tastes ugly, or charcoal, which provides off approach an excessive amount of smoke, this grill uses 100% hardwood pellets that contain no fillers or binding agents. You will relish a delicious wood-smoked flavor each time.
  • Storage space: This dual-door cupboard space will simply match up to 2 baggage of pellets, also as your cookery tools thus everything is handy once you would like it.
  • Side shelves: For easy grill-side food homework, or to own an area to let the meat rest before serving, there are stainless-steel faucet shelves that are sturdy and straightforward to scrub.
  • Wheels: This barbecue has simple skim wheels that enable you to move it around when essential without battling. The locking casters ensure that it remains set up any place you choose to put it.


  • This smoker sense mate is available you can monitoring and easy use.
  • It is portable and moves.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • It is not portable.
  • No burner for gas.

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6. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Patio Cover

The Z Grills 7002B wood pellet technology gets you wood fireplace flavor at the convenience of gas or gas. Super versatile and wide temperature vary to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, BBQ or sear. however, it works: The auger at an all-time low of the hopper pulls the hardwood pellets into the hearth pot wherever they contact the new rod and ignite the pellet grill. Digital temperature management mechanically adds pellets as required to control the temperature. Convection heat distribution technology ensures food gets deep-fried equally to the letter. The Z Grills pellet smoker is an unimaginable smoker with incredible options. People quickly realized that Z grills weren’t simply a plucky newcomer. That they had quietly been producing costlier grills for firms like Traeger before deciding to sell their own whole direct to the general public.

The prospect of shopping for a Traeger quality grill at a severely reduced value evidenced tempting for several, and Z Grills have quickly become one among the foremost widespread pellet grills offered.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look into their hottest pellet grills, and see however they compare with alternative brands like Traeger. The smoker has automatic management systems that leave you with peace of mind. You’ll use it to create a number of the best-smoked meals ever. It is one of the best pellet smokers. The Z Grills style is incredibly the same as brands like Pit Boss and Traeger. The grill works by burning wood pellets (Z grills sell their own whole however any whole of pellets can do) to make heat and smoke to flavor your food.

The pellets square measure hold on during a hopper placed on the facet of the grill. A mechanical auger feeds the pellets into a furnace wherever a rod ignites them. A detector keeps track of the temperature and works with the digital controls to take care of the temperature you set by dominant the flow of pellets and flow. This style permits you to fill up your hopper, set the temperature and effectively ‘set it and forget it’. While they’re typically referred to as “pellet grills”, I actually think about them as smokers or ovens since they focus on maintaining steady temperatures over long hours. Pellet Grills square measure nice for those who don’t need the trouble or mess of cooking with charcoal, however, need additional smoke flavor and convenience than gas or electric smokers will give.

Because the grill includes associate under-grill storage area, legs, and wheels, the assembly took U.S. associate the honest amount of some time. The straight-forward technique is diode by drawn technical diagrams and directions that shouldn’t be a challenge for the moderately handy individual. However, the sheer type of parts associated steps meant that we might have likable to line aside a minimum of an associate hour for the build. If you get the grill in-person from a large box store, there’s a possibility that you will get a pre-assembled model and avoid this step.

Once assembled, we’ve got a bent to had to season the grill (like most smokers) to burn off any oils and manufacturing residues and before swine food at intervals the smoker. This technique was well-explained and didn’t take over the recommended 45 minutes.


  • The pellet smoker has a cooking space
  • The smoker has an exquisite finish. It has very attractive aesthetics
  • The automated functions are very convenient
  • The smoker has up to 7 functions.


  • The smoker is quite bulky. Moving it might be a difficult task.
  • The smoker is rather difficult to assemble.

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7. Cookshack PG500 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill

Many years past, Cookshack, World Health Organization has been creating smokers for an awfully while partnered with male erectile dysfunction “Fast Eddy” Maurine to provide a pellet supercharged smoker for the barbecue competition circuit. This cookware is that the results of that partnership and years of labor. The innovative feature is that the direct cookery house. Though little, this house will cook at terribly high temperatures, improved by the forged iron preparation grate directly over the pellet burner.

At its core, however, this is often a comparatively giant capability pellet grill that is organized to concentrate on its ability as a smoker. There’s an outsized higher rack and also the high height preparation chamber and front open doors create it ideal for low-temperature barbecue smoking. The controller is correct however easy, therefore observance food temperatures area unit up to the user. That aside, the doors shut tightly and also the airflow is superb therefore this is often associate in Nursing economical smoker which will be relied upon to run several, several hours while not human intervention. Even the pellet hopper is larger than most competitive merchandise, and at around $1,600, it’s more cost-effective than a great deal of the upper finish pellet grills.

If your smoking desires extend on the far side the everyday family gathering, you will wish to explore commercial-grade models. The Cookshack PG500 quick Eddy’s offers users commercial-grade options and sturdiness in an exceedingly compact, straightforward to use package.

With 100 percent stainless-steel construction, it’s terribly sturdy. And with nearly 800 sq. inches of change of state area, there are many spaces for the most important jobs. This model uses an Associate in Nursing automatic igniter and digital temperature controls. Pellets square measure fed into the grill from an oversized capability hopper.

Inside, the PG500 has Associate in Nursing higher and lower grate for true indirect and direct change of state. Below the burner square measure 2 heating drawers for keeping food warm before serving. The PG500 may be a terribly versatile grill. it’ll sear and it’ll smoke at an occasional temperature. The wood pellets offer some nice heat and chamber The fuel consumption of the wood pellets is costlier than fuel or gas, but the fashion is true bbq. The one cringe of this unit is simply just can only use the left portion for direct cookery. So, cookery loads of burgers and steaks would need some ability. this will be minor, considering all of the choices that this grill can do. If you are attempting to search out a replacement grill and need to be able to smoke meat moreover

 I had the prospect to talk with quick Eddy on the phone and learn his method for the creation of this grill. He wished one thing that was simple to use and provided a fair cookery space. He wished the charbroiled section to be ready to have a similar heat from front to back and a decent indirect space for bbq. Quick Eddy aforesaid it had been necessary that the PG500 was ready to entice in each heat and smoke.


  • This pellets smoker is best for cook large quantity meat
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Greater built quality and easy to clean.


  • The top shelf is too short.

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8. Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog

Louisiana Grills has been creating high-quality pellet grills for over ten years, creating them one among the oldest brands on the market, second solely to Traeger. familiar for his or her rugged, heavy construction, rock-solid performance, and highly-desirable customary options, LA Grills supply an equivalent pellet grill in an exceeding sort of sizes. Therefore you get an equivalent PID controller and advanced options whether or not you buy a smaller model just like the Country Smoker 480 or the XL-sized Whole Hog. That, combined with affordable valuation, has created LA Grills one among the simplest values on the pellet grill market. This Louisiana Grills pellet grill/smoker covers all of your cooking and cookery wants. Not solely will it grill, however it conjointly slows roasts, smokes, char broils, and bakes! Using a kind of pellet choices, you’ve got such a big amount of selections once deciding a way to flavor your next meal. Its solid style is constructed to last and delivers fantastic ends up in less time.

The humongous 60″ long Whole Hog Smoker introduces one more pellet fuel innovation by Louisiana Grills. the alternatives square measure endless with the entire Hog Smoker, the foremost versatile barbecue smoker/grill on the market. the entire Hog has 1750 sq. in of cookery space. either side options freelance burners and freelance massive capability hoppers. Take away the convenient partition and celebrate your next major event by smoking a complete hog. Faithful its name, the entire Hog Smoker wills simply that.

While some users would possibly love a tiny low, straightforward to move smokers, others want all the area they’ll get. For those massive family gatherings or community events, larger is certainly higher.

The Louisiana Grills Country Whole Hog could be a nice model for people who want some serious area. grill area, the entire Hog very will handle the entire hog and some.

It is very additional like 2 merchandise welded along. each side has their own massive capability wood pellet hoppers and separate burners, permitting users to control each side at totally different temperatures. the 2 sides will even be divided to essentially separate your change of state.

Temperatures are adjusted from one hundred eighty to over degrees physicist. And, this grill is lit simply with Associate in nursing automatic, electrical igniter. Owning a Louisiana Grills pellet grill opens the door to unlimited cooking potentialities. Versatile set-it and forget-it cookers, Louisiana Grills are ideal for yard chefs and busy on-the-go families alike. There’s no limit to what you will be ready to cook-smoke, sear, grill, roast, bake. fancy everything from ancient low-and-slow BBQ and slow-roasted pork to a wood-fired dish and peach cobbler. you will be ready to even fire-grill cut associated burgers over Associate in Nursing open flame. despite you cook, it comes off the grill with the created smoky flavor exclusively authentic wood fireside can manufacture.

Features of Louisiana Grills Country Smoker Whole Hog:

  • 1,750 Square Inches of Cooking Area: It is a big pellet grill, and cooking space is 1750 sq. it is independent burner you can control each zone separately.
  • Digital Control Center: With the digital controls that area unit incorporated into this grill, you may realize it simple to use. Setting the required temperature is going to be simple on your finish. once setting the temperature, you’ll be assured that it remains throughout the method of broiling.
  • 4-Wheeled Construction: Because of the size of the grill and the materials that are used, this is quite heavy. Moving it around might seem challenging at first, but that won’t be the case once you learn that it is designed with four wheels that will make it effortless to move around.
  •  Durable Construction: One of the simplest things concerning this pellet grill is that the incontrovertible fact that it’s engineered to face up to take a look at of your time. the outside is created of serious gauge steel. this can be not solely a durable material, however, it’s additionally nice for consistent heat.


  • It is good for a large meat cook.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Heavy grill.
  • the smoker is better than the grill.

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9. Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill

We’re planning to take a glance at imaginary place Boss 700FB Wood dismissed Pellet Grill associated do an in-depth review on this specific model.

We know this has been on your measuring system, therefore, few time so we have a tendency to need to dive into this smoker and provides you the complete summary. As with most of our reviews, we’re planning to take a glance at its main options then cowl some things that build the 700FB standout and a couple of ways that it might improve. We’re planning to give a deep summary and make sure you have the simplest information offered to create your next purchase. Let’s begin!

Grilling gurus preferring to use each in. of cookery house to most impact can appreciate that the maximum amount as I do.  The broiling space is 700 sq. inches. you may not be able to grill up the whole steer, however, you’ll be able to get shut.  The 71700FB may be a structural powerhouse, thus it will take no matter what you throw at it. Within the 700 sq. inches of change of state area, there’s an extra rack that is nice for storing AN assortment of meats and vegetables. simply avoid tight smokers and areas that limit you. you certainly won’t feel restricted when experiencing the powers offered by Pit Boss.

When it involves the change of state grids, these porcelain-coated grills square measure ideal for smoking in a very kind of condition being that they’re rust-resistant and defend against dirt and dirt. This heavy-duty and extremely sturdy construction is what really sets the 700FB except for low-end smokers on the market you’ll find yourself subsidence for.

There area unit many different things regarding this grill that I genuinely appreciate. You recognize that I can’t resist skillfulness, and as you’ll discover, you’ll be able to do something on the 71700FB.  It’s not only 1 grill; its associate 8-in-1 obtains, and that’s quite spectacular.

Pit Boss conjointly offers you a small amount a lot of freedom than several of their competitors.  I’m referring specifically to wood pellets here. There area unit some makers that force you to use their branded pellets beneath the threat of a voided guarantee.  Pit Boss is not that life. you’ll be able to use any pellets you wish, any flavor combos, any brand; it doesn’t matter. You won’t be corrected for attempting to seek out a far better deal or a better quality product.

Pit Boss hangs their hat on the expression “Where Quality And Economy close.” They live up to the current absolutely with the 700FB. All the metal elements square measure made up of industrial, thick gauge steel or similar high-quality materials. The forged iron grill grates square measure coated during a ceramic ware glaze, that helps with heat retention whereas conjointly being slippery and straightforward to wash.

The wheels square measure made up of steel, which suggests they won’t chip like plastic wheels. However, they don’t have any corrugation or tread. after you wish to maneuver it on your deck this isn’t a drag, however, if you wish to tug it across grass or another uneven surface the wheels don’t most as they drag.


  • Good value for this smoker.
  • The high-quality material used.
  • This grill has digital control.
  • Easy to cook.


    • The steel wheel does not properly work in the grass.
    • Limited Warranty.

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10. REC TEC Grills Bull RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill

Among alternative pellet grills on the market at this worth vary, the REC investigator Grills RT-700 could all right beat all of them. giving state of the art technology and alternative helpful innovations known as the King of the Mountain, the worth of this model will simply set you off. Nevertheless, the price will be even by the actual fact that it’s high-end options and unmatched performance. It comes with a preparation chamber that’s made from chrome steel, providing you with the arrogance that it’ll be long-lived. This additionally makes it immune to peeling, rusting, and cracking.

Similar to the merchandise from inexperienced Mountain that has been mentioned higher than, it’s additionally Wi-Fi capable, that revolutionizes the manner it’s operated. The exploitation of the compatible app, you’ll be able to have full management of the smoker while not the requirement to be close to. The unit additionally comes with twin meat probes, creating it simple to watch the temperature within the absence of oftentimes gap and shutting the lid. Plus, it’s sensible Grill Technology that permits the precise temperature to be maintained. The hopper capability of this model is high, which is forty pounds. This implies that you just are able to fancy.

REC investigator is back with a bang. it’s going to appear similar to the other peevish grill, however, if you look closely, the RT-700 doesn’t skimp out on the standard of materials employed in addition to geeky gadgets. Fortunately, this REC investigator grill is generally composed of chrome steel within and dead set gives high quality, long-lived, and no-rust unit.

The simplicity of victimization the REC investigator RT-700 is one amongst its biggest benefits handily.  It’s nearly too straightforward.  You don’t even worry regarding lighting this grill. simply press the ability button, and it’s already lit for you.  If you’re coming up with on smoking one thing night long, this grill is reliable enough to urge the work done whereas you rest straightforward. simply transfer the REC investigator Grills app and connect with your grill with Wi-Fi for automatic alerts if something ought to fail. The RT-700 takes the lead; you only tell it what to try to and realize one thing else to try to within the in the meantime.

You can expect your RT-700 grill to last an extended time because of the heavy-duty material. made from chrome steel, a touch rain and dirt won’t damage your RT-700 over time like several alternative grills. to feature a touch perspective to the build, the Bull weighs some eighty-one lbs. quite an identical size Traeger because of abundant thicker gauge steel.


  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Comes with a premium cover
  • Has a display


  • Expensive
  • The unit will be unstable

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Editor’s Recommendation :

We’ve looked nice pellets, smokers, here. All are one above the other but if you are looking for the one which will be handy, pocket-friendly and as cool as other, then as per my choice which I found as the most competitive one is the REC TEC Grills Bull RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill .It came out on prime as a result of it had all of the options we have a tendency to wished in a very nice vertical smoker and it had been simple to use too. It’s the simplest well-rounded choice on the list and you’ll be exhausting pushed to seek out higher for the cash.

Last but not least don’t forget to comment below the one which you have owned and bought as well as have a good experience so that all our visitors land on the right pellet smokers. also , check Top 10 electric smokers


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